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Welcome to Stronghold, a land rebounding from the ravages of an undead army.  The heroes of prophecy defeated the Necromancer, but the heroes never returned.  What happened inside Castle Stronghold?  Who was she Necromancer?  Is he/she/it truly defeated, or simply hiding like last time?  Where are the heroes?

Many mysteries remain around that final conflict.  However, the most important events of the time have no regard for that battle.  The good people of Stronghold serve under a human king, who was raised to the ranks to protect the good people in time of war.  That war is now over, thanks to the heroes.  The elves feel the elven queen should inherit rule after the human king passes, the humans feel a human should always rule as king, and the dwarves feel they would be better off on their own.  The other races remain quiet, and their intentions are only to be guessed, but their numbers could tip the balance of power.

As all of this political intrigue plays out, the undead forces unleashed by the Necromancer still roam the mainland, with no master guiding them.  The unintelligent undead are a force that the colonists on the mainland are prepared to handle, but the sentient, more powerful undead remain a force to be reckoned with.  Add to the mix many reports of dark elves roaming the land with unknown intent and the mainland is a very dangerous place.

Many dangers await the courageous on the mainland.  As well as the promise of treasure in the castles left unattended when the Necromancer vanished.  Who will take on these dangers?  Will new heroes emerge from the people, or will a new villain arise in the vacuum of power?

Ladies and gentlemen,  I present to you Stronghold!

Home Page

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